2 Stupid Dogs
Genre Animation
Created by Donovan Cook
Written by Donovan Cook
Mark Saraceni
Roberts Gannaway
Lane Raichert
Richard Pursel
Rob Renzetti
Sylvia Edwards
Henry Gilroy
Zeke Kamm
Creative director(s) Donovan Cook
Larry Huber
Tony Craig
Rob Renzetti
Todd Frederiksen
Genndy Tartakovsky
Miles Thompson
Starring Brad Garrett
Mark Schiff
Brian Cummings
Jarrett Lennon
Tawni Tamietti
Rob Paulsen
Gary Owens
Tress MacNeille
Candi Milo
Jeff Bennett
Kath Soucie
Country of origin United States
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 26 (total)
39 (segments)
(List of 2 Stupid Dogs episodes)
Executive producer(s) Buzz Potamkin
Running time 22 minutes
(7 minutes per segment)
Composer(s) Chris Desmond
Tom Seufert
Production company(s) Hanna-Barbera Productions
Original channel TBS
First shown September 5, 1993
Original run September 5, 1993 – May 15, 1995
2 Stupid Dogs (Japanese: 2愚かな犬 2 Orokana Inu) was an animated comedy made in in the early 1990s. The series was created by Donovan Cook and aired on TBS on September 5, 1993.

The series was developed as a part of a return by Hanna-Barbera but the series quickly ended due to a conflict between Turner Broadcasting and Hanna-Barbera Studios between the years 1993 and 1995. The series ended on May 15, 1995 with 2 seasons and 37 episodes. Along with the show's cancellation came the ending of the back-up segment, Super Secret, Secret Squirrel.


The series follows two dogs, a large, fat, Old English Sheepdog and a small, skinny, daschund, who are simply named Big Dog and Little Dog


Little DogEdit

Main Article: Little Dog

Voiced by: Mark Schiff

Little Dog is the smaller, skinnier dog in the pair. Little Dog has a phobia of cats and loves bones and toy balls as he usually exclaims "Bone!" or "Ball!" Little Dog is actually a little less intelligent than Big Dog and is always hyper. Little Dog is an early bird and does not sleep in as in many episodes, he wakes up in the morning but, Big Dog is not awake so Little Dog has a lot of trouble getting him awake.

Big DogEdit

Main Article: Big Dog

Voiced by: Brad Garrett
Big Dog is the larger, fatter dog in the pair. Big Dog is lazy, loves to eat (as he usually says "Food."), and
Wants icecream

Big Dog wants ice cream.

loves to sleep. Big Dog is a very heavy sleeper and is not very easy to wake up. Big Dog has an intelligent side as he always tells Kenny Fowler about love. 

Mr. HollywoodEdit

Main Article: Mr. Hollywood

Voiced by: Brian Cummings
Mr. Hollywood is an overweight and bald man. Mr. Hollywood tends to act like he's okay with something and
Crossdressed mr. hollywood

Mr. Hollywood dressed as a cowboy.

then yell at the person of which he is talking to, "Oh, isn't that cute? But it's wrong!" Like The Red Guy, Mr. Hollywood appears as having a different job and wears different clothes in every appearance. Mr. Hollywood obviously doesn't like dogs or kids, though he works with them sometimes. 

Kenny FowlerEdit

Main Article: Kenny Fowler

Voiced by: Jarrett Lennon

Kenny Fowler is a little boy who has a crush on Buffy Ziegenhagen but is too scared to tell her. Kenny is also accident prone, as when he and Buffy give Big Dog some peanut butter, Big Dog spit it out and it landed in Kenny's hair. Kenny also gets bullied a lot, mostly for having big, curly red hair and weird shaped glasses.

Buffy ZiegenhagenEdit

Main Article: Buffy Ziegenhagen

Voiced by: Tawni Tamietti

Buffy Ziegenhagen is a little girl who goes to school with Kenny Fowler and Buzz. She has a crush on Kenny too and also too embarrassed to tell him. Buffy loves dogs and thinks they are cute. She also loves science class, especially when they do experiments. Unlike Kenny, Buffy is not effected by Mr. Hollywood's yelling.


Main Article: Buzz

Voiced by: Unknown

Buzz a little boy who goes to school with Kenny Fowler and Buffy Ziegenhagen. He is the school bully and bullies Kenny Fowler a lot. However, in the series he appears to have no relationship with Buffy Ziegenhagen.

Principal SchneiderEdit

Main Article: Principal Schneider

Voiced by: Gary Owens

Principal Schneider is the principal at Kenny Fowler, Buffy Ziegenhagen, and Buzz's school. He is rarely seen through out the series.


Main Article: Cubby

Voiced by: Rob Paulsen

Cubby is a fat teenager who appears with different occupations in every one of his appearances, like Mr. Hollywood.


Main Article: Red

Voiced by: Candi Milo

Red is a little girl who plays the role of Little Red Riding Hood. She has a problem with talking calmly and often syncopates her words. 

Although she is a child, she does not go to Kenny Fowler's school.

Granny FannyEdit

Main Article: Granny Fanny

Voiced by: Kath Soucie

Granny Fanny is a dog treats mascot.

The Three BearsEdit

Main Article: The Three Bears

Voiced by: Papa Bear (Unknown), Mama Bear (Candi Milo), Baby Bear (Unknown)


Main Article: Cat

Voiced by: Unknown

Cat is a cat that Little Dog is terrified of.


Main Article: Bird (2 Stupid Dogs)

Voiced by: No Voice Actor

Bird is unnamed bird that is a bird in Mr. Hollywood's pet shop.


2 Stupid Dogs originally aired on TBS and was released in syndication

2 Stupid Dogs aired onCartoon Network in 1994 until 2003, and again in 2011.

In 2005, 2 Stupid Dogs came to Boomerang and aired until 2007. 2 Stupid Dogs aired again in 2008 and came back off air in that same year. 2 Stupid Dogs aired again in 2009 and came back off air in that same year. In 2012, the show came back to Boomerang and Last Aired On June 1, 2014.

Boomerang Wikia PictureEdit

2 Stupid Dogs

Names In Other LanguagesEdit

Language Word Meaning


(2 Orokana Inu)

Literal translation: The Two Stupid Dogs

Spanish Dos Perros Tontos Literal translation: Two Silly Dogs
German 2 Dumme Hunde

Literal translation: Two Stupid Dogs

Meaning: (Dumme = Stupid, Fool, Mug, Sucker) (Hunde = Canine)

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