Baby Looney Tunes
Baby Looney Tunes

Genre Animation, Comedy
Rating TV-Y
Running Time 30 minutes
Series Run September 7, 2002 - April 20, 2005
Boomerang Run 2005-09, 2015-present
Baby Looney Tunes is an animated television series of the Looney Tunes characters as babies.


The life of the Looney Tunes as babies. It enhances preschoolers of understanding of intra and interpersonal dynamics as well as their cognitive and problem solving and expands their awareness of Music and Dance

Main CharactersEdit

Baby Bugs BunnyEdit

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Bugs is the oldest of the babies and is often portrayed as the leader. His leadership, however, does tend to cause tension, especially with Lola and Daffy.

Baby LolaEdit

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Lola is basically the second-in-charge for the babies but sometimes takes charge. Her independence is greater than the others and she has more boyish tendencies than the other girls.

Baby Daffy Duck Edit

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He is second in the lead after Bugs. Often, he always wants his personal gain. When he does not get what he wants he believes he is treated unfairly, not noticing the inconvenience inflicted on the others. But half the time he does show and mean good intent.


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Melissa is highly ambitious and often sticks around with Petunia.

Petunia Edit

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She often sticks with Melissa; the two were abruptly added to the main cast in the middle of the first season. She is more intelligent than the other babies with insatiable curiosity. In the episode "Let Harder They Fall", she is no longer wearing diaper anymore like other babies but by the time Petunia wears yellow, frilly training underpants with a white bow in the middle and "Petunia the Piggy Bank", she learned to save money.

Baby TazEdit

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Taz often gets excited and breaking things and is known be a crybaby. As much as Taz is well behaved, he often mistakes various objects for food and sometimes breaks things with his spin.

Baby Tweety Edit

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Tweety is the youngest baby and the smallest. He is a "thinker."

Baby SylvesterEdit

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Sylvester is the tallest of the babies not counting Bugs and Lola's ears. He is sometimes shy and hesitant, making him an easy target for Daffy to hoax and trade with. He is rarely seen using his claws. He likes to get attention from Granny more than the others. Sylvester is afraid of lightning and he hates pickles.


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Granny takes care of the babies and gives them love.


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Introduced in season 2, Floyd is Granny's nephew.Sometimes he is overwhelmed by the responsibility he takes on the babies, but he is determined never to let Granny down. He often keeps an eye on one of the individual babies in each episode during Season 2.


On IMDb, Baby Looney Tunes is rated 6.0 out of 10. Most of the reviews are positive comments on the series, but there are a couple who say it's bad.