Bunnicula Series Title

Bunnicula is an American animated series produced by Warner Bros. Animation that premiered on Boomerang on February 6, 2016. It is one of Boomerang's first original programming. Re-runs also air on Cartoon Network. The second season premiered on Boomerang on March 8, 2018.

The show is based on the book series with the same name by James Howe and Deborah Howe, which follows a vampire rabbit named Bunnicula (a pun on both "bunny" and "Dracula"), who likes to suck the juice out of vegetables instead of blood. He was adopted by a girl named Mina (not to be confused with Mina Beff from Grojband), who also owns a dog named Harold and a cat named Chester. Bunnicula always gets Harold and Chester into dangerous situations involving the supernatural, but they always find a way out.

Season One Episodes Edit

  1. Mumkey Business / 'Walking Fish
  2. Spiderlamb / 'Alligator Tears
  3. Muddy Harry / 'Garlicked
  4. Whooo Is... The Knight Owl / 'Squeaked Doom
  5. Son of Bunnicula / 'Evil Cat Videos
  6. Chester's Shop of Horrors / 'Curse of the Were-Dude
  7. Bride of Bunnicula / 'Nevermoar
  8. Vampire Rabbit Season / 'Hole of the Unworthy
  9. Adout of Vampire / 'Haunted Dog House
  10. Lucky Vampire's Foot / 'Ghost Chef
  11. Catula / 'Dreamcatcher
  12. Ghost Pepper / 'Dating for Dummies
  13. Sunday Bunnday / 'Scaraoke
  14. Bearshee / 'Beware the Apartment 13!
  15. Puzzle Madness / 'Return of the Curse of the Were-Dude
  16. Coller Me Crazy / 'Calender Boys
  17. Brussel Boy / 'Vampire Tick
  18. Chestroldcula / 'Never Been Scared
  19. Family Portrait / 'My Imaginary Friend
  20. The Juicy Problem / 'Uninvited

Season Two Episodes Edit

  1. The Invisible Yam
  2. Indistinguishable from Magic
  3. Pranks for the Memories
  4. Revenge of the Return of the Curse of the Weredude
  5. On Mina's Secret Survices
  6. Cellarmander
  7. The Eyes Have It
  8. Chips and Salsa
  9. Mark of the Mandrake
  10. Down of the Rabbit Hole
  11. Cat Burgled
  12. Goat Story
  13. Scott Free
  14. Three Heads are Better then One
  15. The Gingerdread Man
  16. Legend of the Lucky Locket
  17. Lord of the Lucky Locket
  18. Harold the Vamprie Poniter
  19. Bunn on a Plane
  20. Jurassicnicula
  21. The Chocolate Vampire Rabbit
  22. Cat-aclysm
  23. Area 50 Bunn
  24. Bunn Vs.
  25. Bunzilla
  26. Bunnicumoji
  27. The Curious Shop Killer the Cat
  28. Beach Blanket Bunn
  29. Bunderworld
  30. Bunn in Space
  31. Orlockdown
  32. Prism Prison
  33. The Fruit Fly
  34. Lafitte's Lucky Locket
  35. Queen Wicked, The Wicked Queen
  36. Yellow Bellied Sound Sucker
  37. How The West Was Bunn