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Cartoon Network Groovies


April 1, 2000


Cartoon Network Studios

Number of Episodes


Original Run

April 1, 2000-July 19, 2005

Boomerang Run

July 20, 2005-January 19, 2015

For the shorties, see Cartoon Network Shorties.

Cartoon Network Groovies was an interstitial collection of musical shorts that originally aired on Cartoon Network and later Boomerang. It used to air on the previously mentioned channel during Boomerang Theater in-between-programs

List of Episodes[]

If a * is beside the name of the episode, it means it has been seen on Boomerang Cinema.

Name Featuring
Whale * Original Characters
They Might Be Giants - Courage the Cowardly Dog Courage the Cowardly Dog
Incredible Shrinking Day EdEdd, and Eddy
Dexter's Secret Formula Dexter
Jabberjaw * Jabberjaw
Go, Monkey, Go Mojo Jojo
Josie and the Pussycats * Josie McCoyMelody Valentine, and Valerie Brown
Chemical X BlossomBubbles, and Buttercup
Mars Forever Marvin the Martian
Pork Jam Porky Pig
Signal in the Sky The Powerpuff Girls
Dee Dee and Dexter Dexter and Dee Dee
''Yogi Bear '' * Yogi BearBoo-Boo Bear, and Ranger Smith
''Atom Ant '' * Atom Ant
Courage (Hearts Full of Love) Courage the Cowardly Dog
My Best Friend, Plank Plank
Time is Running Out * Jonny Quest
Wascally Wemix Elmer Fudd
Buttercup (I'm A Super Girl) ButtercupBlossomBubbles, and Mojo Jojo
Back to the Lab Dexter
Meet the Flintstones * Fred FlintstoneWilma FlintstonePebbles FlintstoneBarney RubbleBetty Rubble, and Dino
Circles * Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble
That Time is Now N/A
Just Another Old Fashioned Lab Song Dexter (the song from the episode)
''El Kabong Rides Again '' * El KabongBaba Looey, Senorita, and Villain
''24th Century Mecha-Mix'' * George JetsonJane JetsonElroy JetsonJudy JetsonRoseyAstro, and Mr. Cosmo S. Spacely
Gorilla 4 Sale * Magilla Gorilla, Mr. Peebles, and Ogee

Videos of Cartoon Network Groovies[]

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