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Kibosh (voiced by Matthew Geczy) is a character from Casper's Scare School.


Kibosh is in charge of the underworld, usually seen terrorizing "fleshies" or at the scare school and he is feared by all. The reason why he is so tough on Casper is because when he was his age, he was just like him. Kibosh once posed as a monster that steals' creatures powers with the use of a magic crystal in order to get scare school to work together, but things went out of control when his leprachaun servant, Raznick stole the crystal and tried to take over. But thankfully, he was thwarted and Kibosh apologized for the whole mess and congratulated the students on their teamwork even without their powers and used the crystal to restore them to their rightful owners.


Kibosh is a green ghost with yellw eyes.