Kwame (voiced by Levar Burton) is a character from both Captain Planet and the Planeteers and The New Adventures of Captain Planet. He is a member of the Planeteers and is from Ghana, Africa.


Kwame has a soft spot for plant life and even has his own greenhouse on Hope Island. Kwame is the voice of reason that keeps the Planeteers in check when the group begins to lose faith in a given situation. He is also a kind of mentor to Ma-Ti. Kwame is also the first character to be introduced.


Kwame wears three gold-colored, ring-shaped necklaces, a tan jacket, an orange jacket underneath that and a blue shirt with a yellow-green colored Earth Symbol that has the latitude and longitude lines and is out lined in white. His shirt is tucked in, he wears a black and gold belt with black shorts, tan socks, and blue, white, and red high-tops.