Ra (voiced by Sharon Mann) is a 2500-year-old young mummy boy and one of Casper's best creature friends. His mummy wraps can be used to scale buldings, build safety nets and lasso bullies. When things get scary, Ra sometimes loses his cool, but he is a loyal friend who always rises to the occasion in the end.


Ra is allergic to poison and flowers. He fits right in at Scare School even though he is very far away from his tomb. He's royal, risk-taking, very nice, friendly, funny and a little troubled from time to time (like when he disobeyed his parents and forged his father's signature in "Permission Impossible").


Ra has brown eyes, He was wrapped in bandages 2,500 years ago (approx. based on his age), he wears a well-symbolized ancient Egyptian kilt (blue with golden/yellow streaks), a gold medellion (with a scarab beetle adornment) and he wears a black beanie with a golden cobra shape.