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Boomerang run:2012 present

Fake showcast FR=French dub in Belgium

IT=Italian dub

PO=Polish dub

ES=European Spanish dub

VZ=Venezuelan Spanish dub

Charlie Adler:Larry FR:Sebastian Hebrant IT:Alessandro Quarta PO:Lukasz Lewandowski VZ: Andrea Navas ES:Rodrigo Antas

Phil LaMarr:Morton FR: Claudio dps Santos IT:Leonardo Grazio PO:Cezary Kwiecnski ES:Luis Daniel Ramirez VZ: Angel Balam

Tabitha St Germain: Wendy FR: Veronique Fyon IT: Monica Ward PO: Barbara Kaluzna ES: Elena Silva VZ: Karrina Para

Yuri Lowenthal:Iggy FR: Pablo Hertsens IT:Allesio de Fllipis PO:Zbigniew Kozlowski ES:Sarah Vivas VZ: Jorge Marin

Drew Nelson:Roy FR:Aurelian Ringelheim IT:Sergio Luzi PO:Pawel Ciolkowz ES:Jose Posada VZ: Juan Guzman

Stephanie Anne Mills:Lemmy FR: Veronique Fyon IT:Allesia Amendola PO:Klaudiusz Kaufmann ES:Elena Silva VZ: Melanie Herniquez and Mayela Perez

Maurice LaMarche: Ludwig FR:Leila Putcuyps IT:Ilara Latini PO:Joanna Pach ES: Alex Estadilla VZ: Melania Herniquez and Mayela Perez

Cree Summer:Karma FR:Cathy Boquet IT:Ilara Latini PO:Barbara Kaluzna ES:Margarita Ponce

Debbie Derryberry:Cassie FR: Alice Ley IT:Emanuela Damasco PO:Monika Wierzbicka ES:Leyla Rangel

Scott McCord:Nick FR:Marc Saez IT:Valentina Mari PO:Hannah Kinder-Kiss ES: Elisabet Bargalo VZ: Melanie Herniquez and Mayela Perez

Danny Cooksey: Horace FR: Mathieu Moreu IT: Maura Cenceriali PO:Waldemar Barwinski ES:Jonatan Lopez VZ: Alfonso Soto

Kellie Martin: Susan B FR:Elisabet Guinaud IT: Francesca Capalidi PO:Joanna Pach ES:Sandra Jara VZ: Yensi Rivero

Ashley Johnson: Jester FR: Alice Ley IT: Valentina Mari PO: Katzaryna Laska ES: Sandra Jara VZ: Yensi Rivero

Ashley Johnson: Anjou FR: Veronique Fyon IT: Ilara Latini PO: Katzaryna Laska ES: Elena Silva VZ: Melanie Herniquez and Mayela Perez

Production Company

warner bros animation



The Koopalings first day(First appearence of Larry,Roy,Iggy,Morton,Susan,Cassie,Horace,Karma,Nick,Lemmy and Wendy)

swept over

a little respect for nick

got no class today

barging about

hot tomatoes

its great to be a hero

dance the day away

a koopaling halloween

horace's gift

keep all noises down

lemmy gets exposed

a koopaling christmas

a koopaling valentine

the koopalings get a job

know your koopalings

the koopalings hate susan

Song: Its great to be a koopaling (included in know your koopalings)

score one for the winners back home


a koopaling thanksgiving

braceface Cassie (First appearence of Cassie with braces on)

temper tantrum turndowns

mommys little koopa kids

larry and the beanstalk

cassies lost bet

chore wars

run like an athlete

tacos for sale

a trip to the dentist

the big race

ludwigs addiction

love is in the air

home not alone

funny and funnier

wendys fear of lizards

roy for mayor (Last appearance of Cassie with braces)


susan works it out(Return of Cassie without braces)

allergic morton

dont tell larry

star struck good luck

spilled chocolate

injection day

susan catches a cold

the unshrinkable iggy koopa

monkey see iggy doo

cake masters

Klass sleuths:X love

picture perfect

luck amock

lights cameras music

the koopalings space hopper

FIELD TRIP!!!!!!!!

hooray for lemmy

seeing can be beliving

cassie and the maiden

heres a suprise

pierced ears

SEASON 4 going for the bingo

a ditch in time

i smell the worse

wendy makes the confidence

a clockwork ludwig

buckets and rackets

water we waiting for


lemmy goes to chapel

atlantis koopantlis

a broken promise

scaredy koopas

the koopalings go to cooking camp


to paris p1

to paris p2

to paris p3

to paris p4

to paris p5

to paris p6

to paris p7

Roy makes the change

TV time

Koopalings playroom

stupid hackers on main st

a time to jump and slam

you posted what

in an instant fix

morton bad in school


down at the graveyard

karate warriors

Susans sorrow

the new tv

americas wackiest home videos

sparks from the wires

when lightning strikes

below the grounds


down to the corner

more thanksgiving madness

koopalings at play


The koopalings christmas eve

opening presents

medival koopas

the koopalings new years eve

happy new year

eating spree

diabetic larry

barnyard fracas

owning things up

goldilocks and the three hairs

bending the spells

jeering down the slope

a small problem for ludwig

SEASON 7 advantages

a fierce fight

stomp this

one coarse snack

the koopaling caballeros(First appearance of Bilda,Gilda,and,Hilda)

go buy a train



a big hit

tick tock clocks

waterslides are awesome


without stopping the craze(The second and last app of the birdie trio)

donkey doughnuts

camp larry

brain freeze

doctor iggy is here

go west young koopalings

susan and nick at bat

karmas big day

larry the hedgehen

fanning the flames

greater than it expects


koopa and the brain

ludwig come back

proving to be a better koopaling

koopa girl talk

the koopa kids play basketball

the koopakids in the future

ooh baby baby

a fierce fight

want a good bet

pound of the monsters

silents please

koopa bath


apook tv

follow that thief

machinery for the sum

homework for lemmy

fear of flying

all for one one for all

fending off the sheep

the statue of a discovery

a koopaling finale(Last appearacne of everyone) SEASON 9(2017) apook tv returns retro metro lemmy and the mean bruiser November hohember thanks for giving(Thanksgiving Day) hallway hassle(December 1,) the big game(December 11) Christmas(Christmas day) labor sabor(December 31) Happy new year (Jan 1,2018)