The Justice Friends
The Justice Friends
Genre Animation
Format Animation
Creative director(s) Genndy Tartovosky
Starring Frank Welker
Rob Paulsen
Tom Kenny
Jeff Bennett
Kath Soucie
Country of origin United States
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 9 (List of The Justice Friends episodes)
Executive producer(s) Sherry Gunther
Running time 7 min.
Production company(s) Hanna-Barbera Studios
Rough Draft Studios
Cartoon Network Studios
Original channel Cartoon Network
First shown November 20, 1996
Original run November 20, 1996 – April 29, 1998
The Justice Friends is a segment of Dexter's Laboratory that ran from 1996 to 1998 on Cartoon Network with 9 episodes.


The Justice Friends centered on three superheros, Major Glory, Valhallen, and the infraggable Krunk and their daily lives. The heros lived in on the top floor on an apartment together.


The Justice Friends' aired on Boomerang from January 16, 2006 to June 3, 2014 along with Dexter's Laboratory.


  • The Justice Friends is based on The Justice League with Major Glory taken from Superman and Krunk taken from Hulk.
  • Dexter's favorite of the justiced friends is Major Glory.
  • Major Glory and Valhallen made an appearance as assists in Cartoon Network: Punch Time Explosion and Cartoon Network: Punch Time Explosion XL.
  • Major Glory also made an appearance in Cartoon Network Fusionfall.
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