The Spooktacular New Adventures of Casper

The Spooktacular New Adventures of Casper Title Card

This series was proposed be a live-action sequel, at the time that principal filming wrapped on Casper, and a treatment was written, but a combination of less-than-stellar box office gross (although the film grossed $100 million in the US, the budget was more than half of that total and analysts predicted much higher earnings for the film) and the fact that both Christina Ricci and Bill Pullman were attached to other projects after Casper and would not be available until more than a year later caused the idea to be scrapped. The producers then decided to abandon the live-action sequel ideas and instead developed this cartoon series to continue the story.

The show aired on Fox Kids television from 1996-1998 for 3 seasons. 52 episodes were produced, but only the first 46 appeared on FOX, with the remaining debuting on FOX Family Channel, And 2011-2013 Aired on Boomerang. Many of the same people who worked on this show also worked on Animaniacs and Pinky and the Brain (the latter of which was a spin-off from the former; coincidentally, the former had also debuted on FOX). The new Casper broke from earlier versions, following a sitcom-style pattern of one-liners and pop culture gags in a manner similar to the Casper feature. Apparently the update worked, as Casper hit the top of the ratings chart for children's animation in its first of two seasons on the air. The show would also frequently break the fourth wall. The show used old Casper supporting characters such as Casper's cousin Spooky, Spooky's "ghoulfriend" Pearl (or "Poil" as rendered by Spooky's Brooklyn accent), and Nightmare the Ghost Horse who, unlike in the original cartoons and comics, does not actually talk (though voiced by Frank Welker). The show also introduced new characters, including Casper's super-loud teacher Ms. Banshee.

Episodes Edit

Season 1 (1996)

  1. Spooking Bee/Fugedaboudit/The Flew
  2. Paws/The Alphabet Song/It So Too
  3. Legend of the Duh Bigfoot/The Ghostly Day/Invasion of The UGFO's
  4. Rocket Booster/A Really Scary Casper Moment/Day of the Living Casper
  5. Three Boos and a Babe/The Whiffstaff Inmates/Elusive Exclusive
  6. Paranormal Press/Another Spooky and Poil Moment/Deadstock
  7. Poil Jammed/The Who I Am/A Picture Says 1000 Words
  8. Spooks, Lies & Videotape/Ghostfather
  9. Reble Without a Date/Don't Bank On It
  10. Casper vs. The Ultimited Fan Boy/Field of Screams

Season 2 (1996-1997)

  1. Grim And Bear It/Fatso of The Opera
  2. Dead of The Class/A Spooky And Poil Moment/Y-Files
  3. Losing Face/Galloping Ghost
  4. Aunt Misbehavin'/Split Personalities
  5. Something To Stink About/Pulp Friction
  6. Ectospasms/Stink of The Road/Doc's Depression
  7. Boo To The Future/All That Falderal
  8. Spooky And Poil Meet The Monsters/You Know You're Alive When.../13 Ways To Scare A Fleshie/The Trick's A Treat
  9. Frightening Storm/The Ghostly Trio/The Legend of Whitebeard
  10. Three Ghosts And A Baby/I Wanna Be Rude/Leave It To Casper
  11. Luck of the Spookish/Day Care Nightmare
  12. Scream Card/You Know When Your Alive When/Lady Screams The Boos
  13. A Christmas Peril/Ms. Banshee's Holiday Hits/Good Morning Dr. Harvey/Fright Before Christmas
  14. A Midsummer's Night Scream/Auntie Maimed
  15. Gargoils/Ms. Banshee's Public Domain Hits/Boosom Buddies
  16. What Goes Around/Scavenger Haunt

Season 3 (1997-1998)

  1. Columboo/All About "C"
  2. Hat Sick/Cancion De Olor/The Boo-Muda Triangle
  3. Intensive Scare/F-A-T-S-O/Stench!
  4. The Phantom of The Oprah/Stretch's Information Tidbit/The Crying Game
  5. Free Goldie/I'd Pick Your Nose/Birthday Boos
  6. Rats!/Stinkie Time Theater/Great Ghouly Governess
  7. Above The Law/Ten Little Fatsos/Haunt-A-Thon
  8. This Old Manor/Scareobicize
  9. Gingersnap Out of It/Send A Good Stink Up Their Noses/Ghostly Locks And The Three Scares
  10. Booparty/Do You Like Me?/MacDeath!
  11. The Scummies/Three-Ring Whipstaff/It's Best To Be The Most
  12. The Son Also Rises/Stretching Is Good For You/Ghostfinger
  13. Mom Always likes Ghouls Best/Bury Maguire/Dare To Scare
  14. Four Funerals And A Wedding/I Can Be Anything/Family Reunion
  15. Horrid Copy/I'm Nothing Without My Hat/Caspeer Pressure
  16. That Thing You Boo!/A Good Walk Poiled
  17. Jasper/It's Great To Be A Ghost/The Boo-Bloods of Whipstaff
  18. Ghost Jam/Do the Spooky/Dr. Harvey and Mr. Gruesome
  19. Politically Co-Wrecked Casper/Three Little Letters/Pen And Tell Her
  20. Jack And The Scream Stalk/Boo Bash A Bone Bag/Artistic? That's A Stretch!

Season 4 (1998)

  1. Scaredy Boo Where Have You Got To?/Casper's New Theme Song/The Daunting Game
  2. At The BOO-vies/Sing Yourself Happy/Snowball's Chance
  3. NYPD BOO/Three Cool Ghouls/Working Ghouls
  4. Scream Test/Ms. Banshee's Kid Songs/The Doctor Is Out
  5. Miami Nice/If You're Unhappy And You Know It/That Advice Stinks
  6. BOO-Kini Beach/Garlic Bread Man