Wheeler (voiced by Joey Dedio) is a character in both Captain Planet and the Planeteers and The New Adventures of Captain Planet. He is from Brooklyn, New York and posesses the power of fire.


Wheeler is the least knowledgeable about Earth preservation trends but this improves as the series goes on. He also acts as second-in-command to Kwame. He is also the street-smart for the group and while having his heart in the right place, he tends to get himself into tight spots when acting impulsively or fittingly. He is also a bit of a hothead. Throughout the series, Wheeler openly flirts with and tries to get closer to Linka, almost always having his advances shut down. Wheeler is the 2nd planeteer to be summoned.


Wheeler has orange hair and blue eyes. He wears and tan coat with a blue shirt underneath, his blue shirt has the symbol "Earth" with the latitude and longitude lines and is untucked to the right. He wears medium-colored blue pants. he also wears red and white high tops.