Wolfie (voiced Matthew Geczy) is a character inCasper's Scare School. He is a werewolf.


Wolfie is shy, but clever and is one of Casper's closest friends, although the relationship seems on and off as he is not seen in Casper's company as often as Mantha or Ra, possibly because he is not an undead monster like Casper (Ghost), Mantha (Zombie), or Ra (Mummy.) Wolfie is just like a puppie, he likes to fetch, chase his tail, and can't resist bones. He is usually picked on by Thatch and his gang, but every full moon, he goes berzerk and has to sit in the to eat in the corner of the cafeteria for the other student's safety; when this happens he grows 15 times his original size and becomes very strong, very fast, out of control and ferociously viscious.


Wolfie is a brown werewolf, he has a black nose and a white snout with bloodshot eyes, his eye color is blue. He wears a green shirt, dark blue shorts, and a yellow belt-like string tied in a not.